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Animal Welfare League is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2021, that advocates for animal welfare in Ghana. Our mission is to work with stakeholders, communities and government to promote animal welfare for a better environment and human health. Our vision is a world where animals are loved, cared for and protected.

Message from the Director

Daniel Abiliba

We have a responsibility as humans, the natural custodians of this earth, to protect and preserve everything in it. It is in this sense of duty that I rally everyone to wake up each day and do something even little that will protect animals today or in the future. It is the sole mission of this organization to present an opportunity for people to protect, contribute to protect and support others to protect animals in preserving the world.

– Daniel Abiliba, Director


We want a world where animals are loved, cared for and protected.


We want to work with stakeholders, communities and government to promote animal welfare for a better environment and human health.

Our goals

  • To build Ghana’s first Rescue shelter to accommodate dogs especially neglected dogs and those involved in the dog meat trade.
  • To ensure Ghana becomes a cage-free egg production country.
  • To improve the living conditions of people depending on donkeys and horses and their welfare issues 
  • To communicate and spread news on animals that will promote good welfare in the society.
  • Adopting and sharing good animal welfare practices for improved human well-being for sustainable development.
  • To promote animal welfare education among society, that will trigger holistically protection of all animals from torture, abuse, cruelty, diseases, and painful killing.
  • To ensure there are animal welfare stewardship in universities, corporate institutions, farms and communities 
  • To raise awareness on One Health via animal welfare activities.
  • To raise awareness on the neglected wildlife and aquatic welfare issues.
  • To control the free-roaming dog population and reduce dog-mediated human rabies in the country.

Recent updates

  • June 2022 Community Outreach

    Animal Welfare League in collaboration with School of Veterinary Medicine KNUST & IVSA-SCAW presents a programme of community outreach.

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  • New Cage-Free Fulfillment Report from the Open Wing Alliance

    For the period of 2020–2022, 500+ corporate cage-free welfare policies have been secured around the world, while in Africa we have 15 cage-free commitments. There are some corporations which have a cage free policy and transition of their supply chains to source 100% of their eggs from hens free from cruel cages by their specified deadlines, but they are yet to publicly report on their progress in the region, such as Hilton Hotels, Radisson Hotels Group and Unilever.

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  • Appreciation of Animal Advocacy Africa and Markus Amalthea Magnuson

    Animal Welfare League is thankful for the mentorship and guidance received from Animal Advocacy Africa (AAA) since our inception. AWL is also grateful for the generosity and charitable work of Markus Amalthea Magnuson for developing our website via the Animal Advocacy Africa technical support program. As a new organization, we are grateful for their input towards the realization of our vision.

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  • Animal Welfare League wins a grant from Catholic Concern for Animals

    Animal Welfare League has won a grant from the UK based animal welfare advocacy group Catholic Concern for Animals. The goal of the grant is to extend our animal welfare education to ten (10) basic schools in the Kumasi Metropolis teaching over 1,000 pupils the importance of animals in society and how we can better take care of them for their welfare, humanity, and the ecosystem as a whole.

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  • Animal Welfare League Joins Open Wing Alliance

    Animal Welfare League, Kumasi Ghana has been accepted into the Open Wing Alliance of The Humane League as part of the organization’s commitment to advocate for the end of suffering to chickens globally and eliminating cruel battery cages in Ghana and worldwide. This alliance makes Animal Welfare League the only animal welfare advocacy organization in Ghana to be part of a global network to ensure the end of abuse to chickens.

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