Donkey Welfare

Slaughter of donkeys for their meat and skin in Ghana has the potential to decimate the donkey population and deprive the smallholder farmers and rural dwellers of the benefits of the donkey: animal power.

The recent surge in the slaughter of donkeys in the country has become problematic and it raises many welfare concerns. The extraordinary increase in the number of donkeys killed per year is due to the high demand for their skins/hides for export. This development calls for measures to control the trend and avert the speedy depletion of the donkey population in the country.

Awareness creation among stakeholders is one method of controlling the situation through the use of avenues like radio talks, stakeholders meetings, and community education on the negative consequences of this nefarious enterprise.

We believe that this will result in a reduction in the number of donkeys slaughtered and the export of donkey meat and hides/skin.