Cage-Free Campaign

The Cage-Free Campaign seeks to create awareness of welfare issues in the poultry industry. Operating a poultry farm in the country does not require animal welfare guideline check-ups from government officials. This campaign will seek to create public awareness, organize corporate campaigns and dialogue with stakeholders to ensure egg-laying birds are not caged. The campaign will endeavor to collaborate with food companies in the country to create the Cage-Free Policy in which food companies only use products from farms practicing cage-free production of eggs.

Our main goal

To ensure Ghana becomes a cage-free egg production country. Ghana is a fast developing country with already and expected industrialization of agricultural animal farming. The government has implemented policies to sustain and attract businesses in the sector from both local and foreign investors.

With over 1,000 farms already using battery cages in the country, there is a risk of that number increasing and heavily affecting over 25 million chicken kept in these cages.

It is our main goal as an organization to see to it that these cages are removed from the farms and promote the adoption of the cage-free policy in farms, food chains and corporate bodies.