New Cage-Free Fulfillment Report from the Open Wing Alliance

Open Wing Alliance Director, Alexandria Beck says: “Securing thousands of corporate animal welfare pledges is an important indicator of progress for farm animals, though we know that public commitments alone won’t lead to improved treatment of animals,”

“To actually save hens from a life confined in crowded, metal cages, we need to see companies making and reporting on progress towards their cage-free goals, facilitating the transition of their supply chains away from these cruel practices. Our data shows that the future is cage-free—with more than 11% of the global hen flock already free from cages. This new industry standard has been set in every major market worldwide.” says Beck.

For the period of 2020–2022, 500+ corporate cage-free welfare policies have been secured around the world, while in Africa we have 15 cage-free commitments. There are some corporations which have a cage free policy and transition of their supply chains to source 100% of their eggs from hens free from cruel cages by their specified deadlines, but they are yet to publicly report on their progress in the region, such as Hilton Hotels, Radisson Hotels Group and Unilever.

Learn more in the Open Wing Alliance Cage-Free Egg Fulfillment Report 2022.