New Cage-Free Fulfillment Report from the Open Wing Alliance

For the period of 2020–2022, 500+ corporate cage-free welfare policies have been secured around the world, while in Africa we have 15 cage-free commitments. There are some corporations which have a cage free policy and transition of their supply chains to source 100% of their eggs from hens free from cruel cages by their specified deadlines, but they are yet to publicly report on their progress in the region, such as Hilton Hotels, Radisson Hotels Group and Unilever.

Appreciation of Animal Advocacy Africa and Markus Amalthea Magnuson

Animal Welfare League splash image

Animal Welfare League is thankful for the mentorship and guidance received from Animal Advocacy Africa (AAA) since our inception. AWL is also grateful for the generosity and charitable work of Markus Amalthea Magnuson for developing our website via the Animal Advocacy Africa technical support program. As a new organization, we are grateful for their input towards the realization of our vision.

Animal Welfare League wins a grant from Catholic Concern for Animals

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Animal Welfare League has won a grant from the UK based animal welfare advocacy group Catholic Concern for Animals. The goal of the grant is to extend our animal welfare education to ten (10) basic schools in the Kumasi Metropolis teaching over 1,000 pupils the importance of animals in society and how we can better take care of them for their welfare, humanity, and the ecosystem as a whole.

Animal Welfare League Joins Open Wing Alliance

Open Wing Alliance logo

Animal Welfare League, Kumasi Ghana has been accepted into the Open Wing Alliance of The Humane League as part of the organization’s commitment to advocate for the end of suffering to chickens globally and eliminating cruel battery cages in Ghana and worldwide. This alliance makes Animal Welfare League the only animal welfare advocacy organization in Ghana to be part of a global network to ensure the end of abuse to chickens.

Animal Welfare Education at Learner’s Educational Complex, Apemso

Presenter talking to a group of school children in a classroom

We held one of our animal welfare education campaigns at the Learner’s Educational Complex, Apemso, a private basic school in Kumasi. We had the opportunity to engage and educate about 100 pupils on animals and the need to protect them in our communities now and for the future. We also administered a questionnaire in our quest to access the basal knowledge on animal welfare among children in Ghana. See the Education and Outreach page for photos and videos.

Garbage, the silent killer of dogs in Accra

Dog on a leash held by a person whose legs are the only visible parts

Poor disposal of waste is not only a hazard to humans but also our little friends. Dogs are curious in nature and their tendency to comb through those trash cans or landfills is high and shouldn’t be punished for it.

Safety tips for pets during the Christmas festive season

Smiling woman with a monkey on her should that is eating a banana

‘Tis season is here and as a joyful season which is marked with a lot of loud noises, it can be stressful for pets and frustrating for pet parents especially first timers. It is always important to inform guests about your pets prior to their arrival, don’t startle them. Below are some other guidelines that would help you and your pet this holiday season.

Ghana could be without donkeys soon

Donkey pulling a cart with a passenger

An unrelenting thirst for donkey skin have made donkeys one of the most abused animals in Africa. The incessant demand of the animal from global market coupled with the lack of rapid breeding raises concern that Ghana will be without donkeys very shortly.